Have I Been Using the Wrong Smartphone?

Slickdeals just released the results of a survey it took that highlighted the difference between iPhone and Android users.

The survey, which included 1,000 Android users and 1,000 iPhone users, looked at the differences between the two groups in terms of their spending habits, lifestyle choices, and social behaviors.

The results suggest the following:

  • iPhone owners generally make more money than Android users.
    • iPhone owners make an average salary of $53,251, Android users make about $37,040.
  • iPhone owners generally spend more money than Android users, particularly on items related to self-image such as clothing and cosmetics.
    • iPhone users spent  $117.13 on clothing,  $100.88 on tech, and $82.71 on makeup/beauty products, while Android users spend about half of those amount
  • iPhone owners have more friends, go on more vacations, and take more selfies.
    • iPhone users have a higher number of close friends (5, compared to 3).
    • Android users also appear to prefer time alone more so than iPhone users, with these people reporting that their ideal weekend night is spent ‘Curled up on the couch watching TV/movie or reading a book.’ Apple users, on the other hand, the ideal night is being ‘Out and about with friends.’
    • iPhone users take an average of four leisure trips per year, while Android users generally take three.
    • iPhone users also send more texts per day (58) compared to Android users (26)
    • iPhone users take about 12 selfies per day, Android users take just 7.

So when I look at these results, I think I identify more closely with the Android users. As I wrote about the other day, data suggests that I am a cheapskate, so the frugal spending habits of the Android are right up my alley, especially when it comes to clothing and cosmetics.

And an Android user’s description of an ideal weekend night (curled up on the couch watching TV/movie or reading a book) sounds perfect to me as well.

And finally, I might send 5-10 texts per day, and maybe take 1-2 selfies per year. While both of those numbers are closer to Android users than iPhone users, in reality, the numbers are probably more aligned with Jitterbug users.

So while I love my iPhone, I wonder if I would be better suited to having an Android.

Since I don’t see that happening, I guess I’ll just have to change my behavior so that it’s more closely aligned with that of an iPhone user.

So it looks like I’ll be buying more clothes and cosmetics, taking selfies of myself wearing those new clothes, then going out with my friends to show off those clothes, and then texting everyone I know about my escapades.

Sounds painful, but my iPhone is worth it…

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