I’m Kind of a Big Deal in the World of House Escalators, and There Could Be a HUGE Payoff

A little less than a year ago, I wrote a blog, “Why Don’t Houses Have Escalators“, and offered what I thought was a compelling argument as to why escalators are much better than an elevator in a house, and perhaps should become standard equipment, replacing the traditional staircase.

For some reason, it has been one of my more popular posts (now granted, popular is a relative term – there has been six views of the post today, 17 this past week, 65 this past month, and 280 views since it was posted on July 14 of last year.)

It seemed odd that an old post would be getting so many views, so then I decided to do a Google search on house elevators, and lo and behold, here is what I found:

Out of 19 million search results, Borden’s blog was the top search result!

So I started doing some more research on house escalators, and I found that there are some listed for sale on Alibaba (the Amazon of China), such as this one:

So now I’m thinking I could probably make some serious cash by having ads for house escalators on my web site; I’m sure these companies would be impressed with my huge viewer base. I’m also thinking about becoming an affiliate for one of these escalator companies, so I can get a cut of every escalator that is sold through one of my affiliate links.

I’ll admit it took a little bit longer than I thought (1,241 straight days of blogging as of today), but it looks like I’ll soon be generating that seven figure income from my blog that was my plan all along.

I could also probably become the U.S. manufacturer’s rep for one of these Chinese escalator companies, but that would require me to do more than just write a blog, so I would probably pass.

Of course there’s always the chance (>99.99%) that none of this happens, and that I continue to write a daily blog that is ad and affiliate free, and remains popular with the three other people in the world who like house escalators.

2 thoughts on “I’m Kind of a Big Deal in the World of House Escalators, and There Could Be a HUGE Payoff

  1. When my mother was struggling with ALS and dementia she suddenly became unable to make herself step onto a moving escalator…I was stunned the first time it happened and perplexed about what she was afraid of…she had no trouble walking or with stairs, but she could not get on that first step, even with me holding her arm …so we had to go find an elevator or staircase.

    Now 20 years later, sometimes when I’m lugging a wheeled suitcase at an airport I get a little bit of vertigo as I look down at the escalator trying to time my foot to step at the same time as the wheels of my bag without making me tumble forward. I’ve gained a renewed sympathy for the problem my mom developed later in life. (She was 63 when ALS struck).

    Maybe that’s why the preferred choice is to install an elevator….or a chair lift to get up and down stairs.

    And an elevator takes up less space than up and down escalators which would take up a lot of electricity if they were kept running all the time. We go up and down stairs in our home a lot more than we think as I discovered when I broke my leg and was on crutches. I could not believe how often I needed something on the “wrong” level.

    But for some people of means I imagine escalotors would be a good option.


    1. I remember the first time I went to use an escalator at our local mall, and all the neighborhood kids got on except me; I was terrified. It took a stranger to hold my hand and get me to the top. So I agree they can be intimidating devices. And I too get anxious at airports while trying to get on an escalator with a suitcase. But I guess I just find elevators more terrifying since they are so dependent on the electrical system. If the power goes out, you are stuck on an elevator; with an escalator, you just walk off. Plus, as noted in my first post about escalators, they can be used for exercise, while an elevator cannot. And I don’t know the cost difference between having an escalator vs. and elevator, and I don’t know how much extra space an escalator takes up versus a staircase All legitimate questions, but I don’t think there are many (if any) answers out there to such questions about house escalators.


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