Going with the Flow Has Its Rewards, Literally

We’d been watching the forecasts closely all week.

We had bought train tickets to travel from London to Paris this weekend, and because of some crazy weather, Eurostar was canceling some of its scheduled trains. As of yesterday, three of its trains traveling from London to Paris were cancelled for today, Friday, our planned day of departure.

Fortunately, our train was not canceled, but all of the cancellations led to a bit of overcrowding and switching of trains. When we went to check in we found out that our seats had to be changed.

We originally had three seats together, but with the change, only two seats were together, in fact the third seat was not even in the same coach. I found the switch mildly annoying. but it seemed as if there was little we could do.

So my wife and I boarded one coach, and our son a different one. We then found out that my wife and I were not even next to each other. Fortunately the woman next to me offered to switch seats, and so at least we were together.

The train then departed, at what seemed 100% capacity. By now I had resigned myself to the fact that our three seats were not going to be together, and settled in for our trip.

But then, lo and behold, the train attendants began to serve us a free breakfast, complete with china and silverware. Apparently we had been upgraded to the premium coaches because of our reassignment, and apparently this is how the other half travels (see photo at top of post).

My son also had his seat upgraded to Premium class.

At this point my initial anger had dissipated, and I was thinking Eurostar was the greatest train company in the world, and that traveling in premium class was the only way to go.

We arrived in France a little late but can you believe some of those in standard class got there the same time as we did? 🙂  But who am I to criticize the greatest train company in the world? When we finally got to our hotel, I  decided to check how much extra premium class was compared to standard coach fare.

Suffice it to say, it looks like I’ll be back traveling standard class faster than the Eurostar travels beneath the Channel.

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