This Looks Like Another Clorox Bleachable Moment

BusinessInsider calls it Instant Karma.

I call it another Clorox Bleachable Moment.

According to Oriental Daily, a young Chinese boy was alone on an elevator and decided to urinate all over the buttons. (I’m sure we’ll never know why). When the elevator finally gets to the floor he wants, the doors do not open, and after some jumping up and down by the boy, all the lights on the elevator go off.

Here is the video of the incident:

The boy was eventually rescued, unharmed.

The video brought back memories of some of my favorite commercials from Clorox, referred to as Bleachable Moments.

The Clorox commercial below seemed to have a couple things in common with the elevator episode – boys, and trying to see how far you could mark your territory. With the Chinese boy, he seemed to be going for height, while the American boys seemed to be going for distance.

I am guessing there was likely one more thing in common, the use of some type of disinfecting agent to clean up “the spill”.

I also think the videos are proof once again that no matter where we are from, we are more alike than we are different.

By the way, if I was on an elevator and all the lights went off, it’s possible that there would be another type of Bleachable Moment…

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