“Hey Alexa, Haven’t We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos”

I’ve written before about friend and fellow Villanova faculty member, Bud Drago, who has his own band, Freeze Time. The band just released its latest single, “Hey Alexa, Haven’t We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos”.

The takes a fun look at how Amazon has grown and grown and grown, and wonders when, or will it stop.

Here is a clip of the song from iTunes, with the lyrics below:

Hey Alexa, Haven’t We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos

and if you have Spotify, here is the link to the full song:

Hey Alexa, Haven’t We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos
Copyright 2017 by Listening-Post Music – Words & Music by Bud Drago
(lyrics printed with permission)

Haven’t we had enough of Jeff Bezos
The Amazon Billionaire we all know
Seems to be after worldwide domination
And every dollar, franc, pound and Euro

He won’t be happy till he’s selling everything
What kind of price will he put on your soul
From the sublime to the ridiculous
He’ll put it on Amazon to be sold

And now the world isn’t big enough
He’s getting ready to sell on Mars
Yeah, universe get ready
With your amazon Intergalactic charge card

Haven’t we had enough of Jeff Bezos
And his master plan for Amazon
E commerce all you can see, wear, and eat
Until all of your money will be gone

Smile boxes litter the landscape
Alexa, let’s consume our way out of this
I’m not sure what the future holds
Only that with Jeff Bezos it will be with one click

It’s a fun song to listen to, with clever lyrics and some strong guitar and drum playing. One interesting item of note is that the song begins with a spoken word intro that starts with “Hey, Alexa”, which triggered my Alexa to open Spotify and play a Freeze Time song, “One Thing Led to Another”.

I should also point out that I think Bud (my Villanova colleague) and I have differing opinions of Jeff Bezos. My sense is that Bud considers him somewhat of megalomaniac, while I see him as a risk-taking visionary. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between. I just hope Amazon builds its second headquarters in Philadelphia…

The Freeze Time lineup for Hey Alexa, Haven’t We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos is:

  • Elliott Drago – Bass
  • Luke Ferracone – lead guitar
  • Glenn Ferracone – Drums & engineer
  • Angela Charamella – spoken word introduction and ending
  • Keith Drago – graphics
  • Bud Drago – writer, producer,rhythm guitar and vocals.

Freeze Time has put out five albums, the most recent, Sub Zero, was released last year, and another will be released shortly, having wrapped up recording in London two weeks ago.

I hope you enjoy the song – support your local musicians!

4 thoughts on ““Hey Alexa, Haven’t We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos”

  1. Thanks Jim! Jeff Bezos is a visionary – but a mean one. I have read multiple accounts of both how he treats his employees and how he treats artists of all shapes and sizes. I am a big believer in efficiency but not so much so that it crushes people….read about how he treated the publishing house Hachette!

    Anyway – I’m glad you enjoyed the song and that it had the desired effect (having Alexa play another Freeze Time song!


    1. I think if make bold moves, you are going to tick some people off – comes with the territory…

      It was funny to hear my Echo start playing – dueling Freeze Time songs!


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